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Make Submitted Become Verified

I am brand new to GSA, and I have been running it about a month.  Recently, after I run my campaigns, I have A LOT of links left under the Submitted area for each project.  I see several modes for the Active status.  Is there one I can run that will process the Submitted into Verified or Failed without building more links?

Thank you in advance for the help!


  • SvenSven
    Active (Verify Only) is the one ou need. Maybe in project options use custom verification + remove links on first verify.
  • Thank you, @Sven.  That does not seem to reduce the submitted to verified.  Does it take awhile?
  • SvenSven
    Well Im sure it is not bringing you that much verified, but it cuts down the submitted urls to zero after the checks are done on first round. just give it time.
  • edited October 2013
    Ok, thanks.  I let it run all morning Active (Verify Only) and none of them changed.  That is why I posted the question here.

  • This is yesterday at lunch time:

    This is a few minutes ago:

    Little to no change with the software running 30
  • Unless you set the "delete after 1st verify" or whatever it's called in options screen of a project then the system runs verify 3 times, a few days apart. I guess yours have failed the first verify and are waiting the required number of hours / days before retrying. You'll find that most of them will not verify and will eventually be deleted. You can't expect them all to be verified, only a small percentage will verify.

    Hope that helps

  • @filescape - That is VERY helpful!  Thank you.  I certainly do not expect them all to be verified.....I just want them to process and become either deleted or submitted.

    Thank you again for the explanation!
  • Can you guys tell me if this is normal?  It has been like this for days....

    I stopped the campaigns for the screen shot and to restart the PC.  Is it normal for links to stack like this?  It has been at least 10 days....
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