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Private vs Semi-Private Proxy

I've read a few members use semi-private proxies (where a proxy is shared among 3 people)

Is it necessary to get fully private virgin IP proxies or will a semi-private proxy work as well? You can get 3x more semi-private than private proxies, so would like to hear from someone who has a bit more experience in this.

Secondly, although a provider is selling "private proxies", how can you test that they are not semi-private? 


  • As far as I read in the forums every veteran suggested going with semi private proxies from buyproxies. I followed their advice and bought 30 semi private proxies. No issues so far
  • Having had semi proxy hub proxies for more than a year, I swapped to 20 private and they are quicker using them in Scrapebox and that can only mean they are good ones for GSA too. No idea how you test if they are indeed private, though.
  • goonergooner
    At the start of this month i bought 50 private and 100 semi private from buyproxies.

    No noticeable difference in performance, however as of today SER shows all 50 private proxies tested as good, but it shows only 80-ish semi private are still good.

    So, i recommend fully private, the cost was only $5 difference ;)
  • Semi-private are fine but watch out how you scrape for sites with GSA, as this can kill off your proxies. Might be a good idea to buy Scrapebox and getting your links using that, then importing them to GSA and using it solely to create your links. Just my 0.02p.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @gooner - it really should be more than a $5 difference. I've been chatting to proxy providers and private proxies are expensive. Then there's proxy server speeds and virgin vs recycled IP's. 

  • goonergooner
    @alexr - I meant 100 semi vs 50 private is just $5 difference :D
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