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How to use GSA SER to blast my blog article ranking?

I was just start GSA SER this week and I spend whole week to search the tips, tutorials and videos, bla, bla, bla. Anyway, I set up a project now and running with tier 2. I hope my website ranking sour up soon the next week.

Meanwhile, I'm running a blog with more than 100 unique articles, usually 3 to 4 articles a week, fully writtened by myself. Some of the articles already ranking on the Google No.1 page, my question is how do I take advantage of GSA SER to promote each of my blog articles to get a higher rank on google? I can export those article links through the sitemap but I have no idea how to use GSA SER to get backlinks for all of them. Please advise in details, thanks.


  • when you set up a campaign, next to the URL bar is an edit button.

    Click this and you'll see a drop down.

    you need to use the RSS feed or Crawl Online
  • cool, thanks, I will have a try.
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