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Are the any submitting limits on GSA SER tier 2 links?


I set up a project with GSA SER tier 1 with basically 100 verified links a day(around 140 to 150 link submissions a day) for around 2 weeks, now I set up a tier 2, I'd like to know is there any limitations with the quantity link submissions like 1000 a day or how many so that I won't get punished(I got 1000 tier 1 links and 100 each day growing), thanks very much.


  • One more questions, when I running tier 2, why my tier 1 submitted and verified links keep growing? Should I start them one by one or at the same time the next time?
  • in my opinion i let the tier 2 running without limits, you only need that tier for index the tier 1
    too others users recommends a proportion of 10 links on tier 2 for each on tier 1
  • @brainiac, thank you very much, however, I'm still a little confusing, without limits you mean you can run tier 2 all day long? When I run tier 2 I also see the tier 1 submitted and verified links growing, shouldn't I pause the project when tier 1 got 100 verified links?
  • look here you can choose, you can run tier 2 all day long.

    think, if you need 10 > 1 proportion only you know how many time it takes

    if you look in the settings you can see what tier 2 links to verified links on tier 1 so while tier 1 growth the tier 2 automatically links to the new links verified too
  • Okay, thanks, I will give it a shot tomorrow.
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