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Why Is Verified % Lower When Using Imported Lists?

Question for anyone who scrapes links externally (scrapebox/gscraper etc).

I scraped a nice list and then ran it through SER "identify URLS" feature, this sent the links to "Identified" folder. From there i combined the lists and imported into SER.

So, the LpM and total submitted links is great, but the verified total is very low! (I have it set to verify automatically)

The imported list shows a verified total of around 18%.
If i let SER scrape i get a verified total of over 50+%.

The end result is that importing is much faster with regards submitted links, but SER scraping is actually giving me more verified links.

Why is this?

Is verification done after the entire list is processed when you import a list?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


  • SvenSven
    Maybe your footprints are not matching that good? Or the engines have to be updated to also allow submission to your found URLs.
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    i cant help to answer the quesiton but wanted to attest i noticed just the same yesterday and was gonna make a post myself.

    i scraped 30k with hrefer and it got to 18214 submitted and only 21 verfied. at this point i stopped the project and went back to the usual of SER scraping and blasting as those kind fo figures wertent worth the effort of scrapign my own lists.
  • goonergooner
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    @peterparker - Thanks for the reply. That's really really low for you, i'm assuming you just imported a raw list without letting SER identify them first?

    I was testing this method:

    It's the fastest i've tried for getting massive amounts of postable links

    @sven - But i first let SER identify sites and then only imported sites that SER identified as being able to post to. So in that case the % verified should be similar to the results that SER gets when scraping sites itself? What do you think?

    Here's some figures for today, just as a comparison:

    SER scrapes: 60,000 submitted, 30,000 verified
    Sbox Scrape and SER identifies: 99,000 submitted, 22,000 verified.

    I know some guys here scrape and submit massive amounts of sites, can anyone confirm that the % i am getting is "normal" please?
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    @gooner - what engines were you running for these results. Also, you need to check some of the verified links manually. SER saved some of the links as verified but when i checked manually, these were not there.

    I am having the same problem but i found something especially with wordpress blogs.

    To put numbers in context -  SER successfully submitted to 16,500 domains and out of these 16,500 domains - i got 860  verified links. ( these 860 links are articles directory only as my campaign was set only for them ). BTW, i do not use SER to scrape, i scrape with scrapebox and gscraper.

    SER opened accounts in many wordpress blogs successfully but there was no option to make a post, in such case, SER will count the submission as successful but the verification will be blank/zero/nada.....

    Now this is what i am planning to do ( i am at the moment just running campaigns for dummy domains as i want to finalise my list before running it on a money site - I am only interested in contextual links for Tier 2 )

    Run separate projects for each of the platforms in Articles category except wordpress and expression engine and use decaptcher/DBC as the first service. I don't have spamvilla and am only using CS but i have seen that most of the registrations are not working due to wrong captcha.

    Run separate projects for web 2.0 for each platform and set up as above.

    Then create a master verified site list for posting Tier 2 links.
  • ye for me there was no link identification as i didnt know about it :P
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @sven - is there anything we can do about this as I am finding the exact same.
    "I am having the same problem but i found something especially with wordpress blogs."
    It registers but won't let you post and I think its getting counted. 
  • goonergooner
    @zingzingzing - Those are all engines more or less, across different tiers.

    Here's something weird... Same kind of results today, except i have 1xVPS running great with 50% verified and 1xVPS running bad with 10% verified as above.

    Both VPS' are identical, both have similar projects and exactly the same lists imported. Both are identical in setup as i imported everything from the same server onto both VPS, then just deleted projects to split them over the 2 VPS'.

    My first thought was that it was a problem with the VPS, so i exported everything onto a dedicated server i have...Same result.

    My seconds thought was maybe the emails are bad - So i changed all the emails for every project (10 per project)... same result.

    I'm running out of ideas now as to what could be the problem, do you guys think i should try changing the articles? It's a lot of work to do that so i'm reluctant to try it unless i think it will work.


  • @gooner - What about proxies

    For articles, i can say that i could not get many verified as my content was scraped and wouldn't have passed any human moderation.
  • @gooner you ever figure out a way to improve those percentages?
  • goonergooner
    @wizzardly - I figured out the reason was blog comments, if you don't use them then the verified is much higher.
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