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Only Captcha Breaker, no Captcha Services

If I only used Captcha breaker and no other captcha services at all, do you think my my submission success rate would be badly impaired? Does anyone use only that program here? I am on a budget and the more I could cut costs, the better. But of course, if that means that I will be spinning my wheels I will still continue using captcha services. Also, any suggestions to improve Captcha breaker performance are welcome.


  • Most of us use Captcha Breaker simply because the amount of money you have to pay for captcha services while using GSA is huge and CB does solve captchas quite good. So I would suggest you stick with CB
  • Thanks so much Vijayaraj. I am a total newbie here, is there any ticks or setups to pay attention to, to get the most out of Captcha breaker?
  • am using dbc as backup but it runs out so fast . thinking to sign up for recaptcha service for 10 treads scheduler  
  • I have been using Death By captcha as a backup but I have spent like $30 in a week and it is just one campaign I am running. If I could rely 100% on Captcha Breaker that would be a solution. 
  • If you are posting on sites which uses hard to solve captchas like recaptchas then you need to have a back up for that
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