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Question about import target URLs

So as of late I have been messing with importing URL lists I get to post to, anyway as of late I have noticed that every time I import a list and run it, it seems to keep running. Like for example I just imported a 34k list, once I hit run it showed a group of 14k links it was going through (btw is that normally how it works?), after that it showed a 15k list it was going through, then after that it started going through another 15k list, what is that all about ? That's well over 34k links lol, so can anyone fill me in on what links it's going through? 


  • Here is another thing I have noticed, like this same project even when I delete target URL cache on the project and import a new list, right when I click start it brings up 001/499 in the log below, and once it finishes with that it keeps bringing up a list of 15,000 in the log below. But I'm importing a list of 7k, though I never see anything about that in the log?
  • SvenSven
    It reads the imported content from a file. But in 1MB pieces to not waste memory. During processing it might find new targets and adds that again to the queue and so it grows.
  • Don't know if this will help but make sure that you have all list unchecked in options and no search engines used if you just want to use imported list
  • yeah I figured it segmented large lists by the looks of it. Ah so when I go through my imported lists it still is finding new targets? Did not know that.

    I do have the search engines unchecked
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