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5 questions from the new customer

Hi everybody! I've purchased SER just some days ago. I've been reading forum and whatching videos for quite a while, but still have some questions.

1. Submitting. I’ve subscribed to SERengines, and did a test run. It submitted my article to about a half of services, and then I changed some settings and wanted to blast to all services again. I cleared cache and account data and tried to run a blast again, but as far as I understood it tried to submit not to all properties, but only in not submitted earlier ones. Is there any way to blast to all SEREngines again in the current project? Or I should duplicate it and run new one? 

2. Tiers. I don’t understand the logic. Should I run tier1 and tier2 projects simultaneously? Or First I should run tier1 and wait until all the links will be verified and then run tier2? 

3. Tiers. How do you guys manage tier projects? Say I have 100 tier1 links verified, then I start tier2 linkbuilding and also duplicate project to create new tier1 properties? Or I  can wait till tier2 and tier3 projects are finished, and then restart the whole project again (this is near the first question I asked) 

4. The lists. What is better to use? Scraping lists on the run with help of GSA? Or preparing the list by myself? I got plenty of tools to scrape (scrapebox, hrefer, a-parser) I just tried to scrape links with footprints from this list Just Used articles footprints. Got about 150k Identified links and blasted about 20k – it had about 1k submitted and 300 link verified. I don’t know is it a good result or not? Took a lot of time on identifying the list. If I choose GSA to seek for target urls which proxies should I use? Public or private? I have 20 private proxies and I think they will get banned quickly in google if I’ll be seeking with GSA. 

5. I’ve read that It’s better to restart GSA and VPS frequently 1-2 times per day or if your threads fall quickly. I’ve already seen that I had about 150 threads falling to 3-7 (the resources are pretty enough) So, when I start SER again the projects – they will start from the right position they stopped? Or I should do any manipulation before closing SER?

I appreciate any help. If the questions are dumb, sorry for that 


  • SvenSven

    1. You should not delete accounts. You have a scheduled posting option now that allowes you to create more than one account on the sites and submit content.

    2. You can run them at the same time. Though some people prefer to start a tier some days or weeks after main one was reated. You also have filter options now for tiers that will only build links to urls created XYZ days ago.

    3. there is not really a time when projects finish. The program keeps searching for new targets based on the selected engines. So it basically never finishes.

    4. Just let GSA SER do the job for now. Later you can always use external tools to get more targets

    5. Just a stupid myth...skip that.

  • Thanks a lot Sven! 

    Just want to clarify about proxies still. I should use public for searchong new targets and private for posting?
  • SvenSven
    No, use private only if you have some.
  • Hi Sven,

    I just bought GSA this Monday and I paid lots of time on the manuels and videos. I have 2 questions, How should I promote my domain and subdomain with certain percentage for example, domain 40%, 3 subdomain each 20% with primary and secondary anchor url, I'd like to know the settings in details, or I just made a link url txt with domain and subdomain url with primary and secondary anchor url then upload to URL, select them time by time before I run the project or is it run automatically when I start the project?

    The second question is about the tier settings, I checked many tutorials, each is different, for example, tier 1 I select article, directory, forum, social network, social bookmark web 2.0 and wiki, tier 2 I select blog comment, document sharing, guest book and image comment, tier 3 I select exploit, trackback, url shortner and video, I have no idea which tier setting is the best, is there any rule I should follow? Can you suggest an ideal tier settings for me? Thanks very much.
  • SvenSven
    edited October 2013

    @smartpixel You bought GSA Search Engine Ranker and not GSA as that is the company name. Anyway to your questions (next time open a new thread).

    1. I don't understand this. You want to create backlinks and for 40% it should point to the main URL and the rest to the subdomains? If thats the case you can set that up like adding the desired URL more than once in the project->URLS->EDIT->Add. You can add primary and secondary anchor with the URL from that popup menu as well.

    2. That are SEO related questions. So of course everyone has it's own meaning and strategy here and so you will find many different "solutions" and advises. Noone can tell you for sure what works. You might try that out on your own as each site and niche is different.

  • 2) Check this thread to get an idea on tiers SERs & TIERs
  • @Sven,  LOL, I made a terrible mistake, I bought GSA SER not GSA corp.  As for my first question, when I add 4 urls there, should I manually select the url from the url list before I run the project? 

    @Vijayaraj, tks very much, I will check the tips.
  • 1) You just have to add the main domain multiple times in the target list more than sub-domains so that it gets more back-links ( I think that is what sven said)
  • Oh, Okay, I will see follow your advice, thank both of you very much.
  • SvenSven
    @smartpixel no need to select an URL. The program will randomly choose one of the added URLs when placing a link.
  • I see now, thank you very much. @Sven.
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