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Stop/Resume Option for "Search Site Lists"

edited August 2012 in Feature Requests
I'm really often using "Search Site Lists". My Problem is that when an update is dropped out, I've to wait till it's finished - what can take sometimes days. I know there is a "Pause" Button. But as far as I could see there isn't any option to resume after a restart of SER. Is it possible that harvesting/searching site lists can stopped and resumed (for example after a restart)?


  • SvenSven
    not possible for now
  • Don't want to go on your nerves, but what's the reason why this isn't possible? (Isn't it possible to generate a list of querys which should be done before it starts and delete every query which was done from this list?)
  • I would imagine its because this option does not have any kind of existing logging built in, so to add a save/restore would require adding all sorts of code to something that isnt used a great deal by people apart from you and me!

    A future path may be to hive off all the search online... options into a separate program (gsa SearchEngineScraper) which would give a number of advantages.

    For now i just have 1 copy that is pretty much used only for searching for sitelists/scraping or sorting SB scrapes into site lists, so im not in a hurry to update it.

    I have the sitelists saved to a dropbox folder so they can be accessed from the other servers.
  • Thanks for your input m3ownz. This is really might be the reason. I've two copies running, but I think you are right with let one copy running for only basic tasks and searching site lists.

    I'm also using a dropbox like software (in my case wuala - because it's a lot more secure than dropbox) to share such information.
  • Thanks for mentioning wuala, looks like a good option, with better pricing as well
  • OT: Go for coupon codes... You can get about 20GB for free :)
  • Even better!
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @Bytefaker - Thanks for the heads up about dropbox. Been using it for ages. Will check out Wuala. 
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