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Problem with EMail SSL?

Having a Problem whereas I cannot use hotmail or gmail, because they require SSL.
If I tick SSL in SER, it will throw an error when I test them ("All failed").
The Error shows up INSTANTLY, just like it doesn't even try the Accounts.

When I untick SSL, it trys to login at least. Of course it fails, because they require SSL. :(

The Accounts do work by hand.
I also tested them with Thunderbird on the exact same settings, works.

So, what can I do?


  • Did you change the port to 995 in SER ?
  • I had the same problems but I just tried a different email and it worked.....something though is def buggy
  • Yes, the ports are correct. I used the find settings option, and it found the correct settings.

    When it didn't work I restarted SER and manually did the settings, same thing.

    Any help please?

    Do you mean you use email providers without ssl now?
  • SvenSven

    Maybe your SSL DLLs are just not OK. Try to download them and install from here:

    Make sure you install the 32bit version as SER is a 32bit application.

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