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"do not submit duplicate articles" in Articles manager


I am trying to understand how "do not submit duplicate articles" in the Articles manager tab work, maybe someone can help me to figure out how this is working?

I mean when choosing that option "do not submit duplicate articles" "anywhere" and i have, let say, 5 articles that each of those articles are a spun of 10 articles, so this is 50 spinned articled.

how the tool will handle those and how the tool will check if it is duplicate? is the tool just post one time an article even if it spinned or do the tool keep a copy of what as been submitted and check against the article he try to submite to see if it is duplicate? I mean if i check this option that make no sense to spin as it will use that article only one time?

If i want to use spined articles i will need to uncheck that option?

Eventually I would like to submit only unique content and i would like to avoid submitting duplicate articles on the net. Any suggestion?


  • SvenSven

    The program does not know that you have a spin with 5 articles in one. So it is counting one imported article as one unless you use macros like %spinfolder% or #file_links

    In your case it would stop to submit anything once it all 5 verified articles used.

    I suggest you to import the articles individually and spin them on word/sentence level only.

  • Thanks, that's answering my question.
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