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Problem Importing lists

So I got anew deidcated server setup with windows 2008 server edition on it.

Running gscraper like wild on it and trying to build some lists.

I have a huge problem thought, every time I try to run a project and choose import lists, either as texxtiles or from global site lists so does my SER hangs completely. 

Is there anything I need to install in windows server edition to make SER not guck me over likte this.



  • goonergooner
    Split the lists into smaller lists before importing, i think i read on here that 15,000 URLs per list is a good number.

    You can do this in scrapebox if you have it?
  • Hmm well I can import all the list on my desktop Laptop without ay issues even though it got nowhere near as much power as my dedicated box....
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