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Answer me before I buy

1.) How many computer can one license installed?

2.) If I installed this email spider on my PC, and if I change my PC, can the program be used on my new PC?


  • grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
    1) 1 licence = 1 pc
    2) just make sure you 1 license = 1 pc and you'll be fine
  • Can Windows XP use this?

    If I change my PC, can it be transfer over?
  • Is the licence lifetime?
  • The license can be activated on as many PC as you want but you can only run one instance per license at a time. The license is lifetime
  • @Vijayaraj

    This is a +point. In that case, I can use it on my laptop or desktop pc anytime I like.

    ONE MORE final important question:-
    Is there any discount code or promo running now? Anyway I can get it below $99 ?
  • Ok @grax1, can you please confirm again? 1 licence 1 pc? Or @Vijayaraj correct?
  • VijayarajVijayaraj India
    edited October 2013
    Hi @CHUCK

    Its one license per instance I have installed it on my office laptop, home desktop and Assistants desktop. I always run one set in office and when I reach home start the home projects. So you can be sure that its 1 instance per license.

  • grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
    edited October 2013
    @chuck do you think I'm moody teenage girl that changes her mind hourly, lol ? At 5:44 1 pc = 1 license means still the same a few hours later - you can uninstall it and then install on another pc, but you can't run one license on 2 devices at the same time so again - 1 pc = 1 license but if you are still unsure just go to support and ask them.
  • Yes, You can install it on multiple systems but can run it on only one system on any given time. Hope it clears you up
  • Vijayaraj that is exactly what I am gonna do.

    Thanks guy.
  • Hi @Vijayaraj

    The discount link is for GSA Search Engine Ranker but I am looking to Email Spider

    I want to grab emails from websites.

  • Mistook it for GSA SER since you posted it in the thread

    Answer by sven on a post

    6. Discount please?

    No, there is no discount for this software unless you bought something from us in the past.

    This FAQ on their site answers about multiple pc

    Can I run my full version on more than one PC?

    It's allowed as long as you don't use the product at the same time on different PCs. If you do it will result in problems with the license checking algorithm and may result in random crashes. So if you plan to use a product at the same time on different PCs please buy more than one license.

  • Oh nice.

    Yes, I plan to use it on my laptop on work and also sometimes on my desktop at home.

    It will only run on one PC at a time, not running multiple PC on same time, it won't be a problem.

    I think it's GSA is good compared to A*tom*c, A*tom*c its horrible.
  • why not just run it on your desktop and leave it on. You can just teamview or rdp into your desktop from work. 
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