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WTF is %anchor_content%

edited October 2013 in Need Help

I admit i havent done anything with SER for a couple of months, but whats %anchor_content% cant find it in script manual and not in Macro Guide,

i checked a few verfied links and and had a article which looks like

.... full text and then .... that winning shot. %anchor_content%

%anchor_content% was linked to the correct url thou, i just removed it here on the forum

so my assumption was that i had in wrong in the article, but in article i have it correct written like
<a href="%url%">%anchor_text%</a>

so its SER creating this %anchor_content% field and not filling it with anything, so what am i missing here?


  • no one?
  • SvenSven
    %anchor_content% is no macro ever used in any of the files or in source. I don't know where you have that from.
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