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Why is my thread count at 3 although I have kept it as 1000?


I have a pretty large list and I set up GSA on a rather powerful server and with 120 semi dedicated proxies. 

I set the thread count at 1000 while initially it was running at almost 1000 threads since last night it is only running like 3 threads. 

Why would this be happening and how can I rectify this?

Thanks a lot



  • grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
    I have the same problem. Does it run only on 3 or jumps between 3-1000. In my case number o threads jumps from 0-200, a few minutes on 200, than it slows down till a few threads, and goes up again. I told Sven about this and he said that it's normal. Sometimes it does e.g. verifications and is busy on some part where it does not look to start new threads. Like email verification, it can't login to the same email account more than once and so it slows down a bit.
  • goonergooner
    Sometimes SER does weird things, not often, but sometimes it seems to run badly.
    I've found that restarting the software/VPS usually fixes it.

    It's not a very specific answer but sometimes a reboot is the best solution, try it :)
  • @grax1 thanks for that. I think that makes sense. :) 
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