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2 questions/ideas

i have 2 questions about GSA SER...  

1) "allow to post to same domain" or what ever it is..  is there a way to make GSA NOT post to the Same Domain for a URL/domain?  ie. blog comments..  so SER will only post to the blog 1 time per domain..  i do this now but its a pain in the ass by not using globals and importing my own lists with duplicate domains removed but id love a feature where i can tell GSA not to post to the domain if i have prior..  at first i thought this option was for that and i quickly found out after i had 500k links from 17k refering domains i was wrong..   

2) is there a way to change default spinner?  so i can use wordAI or SpinRewriter by hitting spin instead of having to select it from the menu?  this would be great to batch spin articles i have imported into GSA or GSA scrapes..  


  • Also another question..  i have GSA set to submit to sites with pr1+...  its submitting to sites with "?" for the pr..  shouldnt it skip these sites if the proxies are not filtering the pr?  

    ive ranked allot of good and tough keywords with GSA but now im trying for a more light grey set up and im finding all these fun issues..  normally i dont filter pr so i dont care and let it run at 280+ lpm..  right now im shooting for quality and this submitting to "?" pr has me scratching my head...

    also my proxies have passed google..  i just looked at them and checked them..  all 80 of them are private and not banned when checked in google...  
  • SvenSven

    1) if you turn scheduled posting off, it is posting to the same domain only once.

    2) By default the first payed spinner is used, than the free one and last the internal one. So if you have wordAI as spinner defined, it is used first. Spin imported articles is optional in next version.

    pr: it is skipping if your option is set to also skip unknown pr.

    ban: how do you check that? I don't know if pr-ban is also seen on normal google searched. One might work while the other doesn't.

  • 1) i can look in "submitted" and i see multiple posts to the same domains on different urls (blog comments) and i have the scheduler unchecked...  

    as for the PR with a "?" i also see them in my submitted and verifieds links Even though i have it set to Skip sites pr1 or less...  shouldnt it ignore anything it cant get pr for?  

    as for the ban i checked it by running page rank checker in scrapebox on a list with the Same proxies to figure the problem out..  and scrapebx gave me the pr with the same proxies while gsa had "?"'s showing...  
  • @wannabe If you dont want to post on unkown Pr sites then Edit your project, Go to options menu in it and select skip unknown PR option in the PR filter
  • Yes I have unknown or checked as well as obl.. I'm not new to gsa... So I'm the only one with these issues?
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