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Suggestion: Add the ability to track unique verified linking domains

Hi Sven,

May I suggested adding an additional option to the project tracking bar in the main GSA window?

Currently we have access to:

-Project Name

I think it could be great for users to have an additional piece of tracking for unique verified linking domains.

Reasons for this:

-If users have configured GSA to post to multiple times to the same sites their verified number of links will be skewered as there will be a ton of duplicates. It would be really useful to see the actual number of domains as opposed to the total amount of verified links (of which many could be duplicates).

Having seven copies of GSA running on multiple private servers means that I spend a lot of time extracting and filtering duplicate domains (I've been playing around with domains and submission areas to come up with a very specific set of unique URLS). I'm sure that other GSA users agree with me in saying that this feature really could save us a ton of time.

Best wishes,


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