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Bad URL decoding?

Hello, i just made my little engine for url shortener.

modify url=%targethost%/XXXXXX=%url%

Everything works fine, but in verified urls thats the url

And this should look like:

(manualy is working fine - something in script / Gsa i guess?)
Any ideas sven?


  • SvenSven
    use "encode post data=0". and share the engine? ;)
  • Where should i add that ""encode post data=0"

    After what line? Beacuse its not working for me
  • SvenSven
    should be put in same section as modify url. Though that URL is wrong and SER might encode it correctly.
  • It's still not working

  • [setup]
    default checked=0
    url must have=X

    engine type=URL Shortener
    description=Creates a URL that redirects directly to your site
    anchor text=0
    creates own page=1
    uses pages=0

    extract keywords=0

    skip ext links on=0
    skip content on=0
    skip url content on=0
    posted domain check=2

    submit success=Go to External URL

    verify submission=1
    verify interval=1
    verify timeout=1
    first verify=0
    verify by=url
    verify url=%verifyurl%
    verify on unknown status=0
    verify search detail url=0

    encode post data=0
    modify url=%targethost%/X=%url%
    just download=1
    encode post data=0


    front1=Destination URL:


  • You have no [STEP]s setup. Take a look at the script manual and you'll see you need to define seperate steps for the engine to take:
  • SvenSven
    Actually this should work as well...STEP1 is not required if it's just a simple "modify url".
  • Yea STEP's are not required and its working, just decoding is bad.
    So STEP1 and encode post data there should work?
  • SvenSven
    next version will.
  • Next version will require and it will work did i get you ? :)
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