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Campaign Ranking Issue with GSA ! help me out, PLZ

Hello everyone on this forum, I am newbie for GSA software. I have few queries regarding to GSA software and my project... Here are  =>

1) I created a project with till tire3 and selected best engine, not all. I got rank 3 within 2 days. I used only my main keyword for this project.. But when i create another project with same engine (Used in first project) and same settings , but it didn't give me same result like my first campaign. While verified value was more than my first project. Second project's domain was same. Why it happened so . Why i didn't get ranking .

2) My second issue is that i checked my all engine list from global setting option. Where i came to know that most of the engine are not working specially in Web 2.0 , Article , Blog comment , Forums, Microblog, and directory platform..  Which may be the another reason for not getting good ranking .

3)  Third issue, if i want to indexed my verified backlinks from Tire1.So to indexed them, i will create next tires level (Tire2, Tire3, Tire4, Tire5) Allright, But if i imported them after done,, i see , they don't seem indexed in google , while they have many backlinks behind. Why do they not get indexed ?

I am just sharing my issue with you all expert here. I am hoping that you will help me out about my issues.. Your each and every answers will be valuable for me.   

Thank you so much..



  • SvenSven

    1) SEO related question...I can't answer this and I bet noone can. This is in the end still the search engine itself that decides what to rank and what not to rank. Just because a strategy works for one page doesn't mean it gives the same result for another one. Especially if topic/competitors are different.

    2) What do you call not working?

    3) see 1.

  • 1) As Sven said the ranking depends on the competition of keyword

    3) There is no guarantee all backlinks gets indexed immediately. You have to wait for a while
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    Thanks dear @sven and @vijayaraj for giving answer of my question but can u tell me that why most of the engine are not working this time ?
  • SvenSven
    We don't know your settings but usually it's either the email that is not wanted by engines (free emails), or captcha input is skipped wrong.
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    All right ! if i have to import my target urls to my project, then can u tell me that what option i'll have to check and uncheck in Project Option setting ..while importing target urls ?

    Thanks !!
  • SvenSven
    I don't understand. Just uncheck everything for target getting options (no search engines and nothing under that box) and it uses only the imported target urls.
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    Thanks dear @Sven ;;)
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    I didn't get any update from GSA for the last few days and my verified are not increasing than before.. I want to ask one thing more regarding Global setting ==>> Submission option.. Is my this setting right or not !

    What should be the value of bandwidth limited... provide me best setting to increase my verified and submission list.... I am running more than 45 to 50 project at a time.

  • I am also sharing here my tire1 project option setting. Kindlly. tell me which option i should check or uncheck for my campaign. and i check English language engines in " Search engine to use " option.


  • cherubcherub
    First problem I see is you're using public proxies for everything. This is a bad idea, especially using them for verifications. Shoot for 10 private proxies for starters and you'll see improvements.
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    yes @cherub, it worked to improve verification a bit.. How can i see more improvement by changing in setting.. telll me plz.... 

  • Remove "continuously try to post on a site even if failed before.

    As mentioned above, add private proxies (buyproxies, proxyhub). I've ran SER with 10 private and results were much better than semi. Then I bought 20 private and results were much better again. As I'm on the cross over for my new proxies for this month from proxhub, I have 40 private proxies and LPM has gone up by 10 points. 

    Depending on your computer/VPS increase the threads (I run 275) and lower the HTML timeout to 120sec.

    As you're aiming for high PR sites to post on, the amount of successful and verified backlinks will be much lower so you might have to wait. You can rank sites with lower PR, and it looks a little more natural than all links above PR4. Switch it up for a few days to PR2+ then back to PR4+.

    Depending on your competition, you could rank within a couple of days as you have already done, or it might take weeks or months. Also, ensure that your on-page SEO is perfect before letting SER loose on it ;)
  • what should be the right value of threads and HTML timeout with i am running more than 40 projects together on one VPS sever..
  • I am seeing a error in my GSA message box called " Verification of "platform name"  not successful" .. Why my platform are getting not successful. i wanna decrease this error. Help me out plz.....
  • SvenSven
    That error is just normal. Please read the FAQ (sticky thread).
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    Hello @Sven , I have a problem now, with the help of above screenshot setting, and after follow advice of other user e.g Remove "continuously try to post on a site even if failed before" , Public proxies for everyone . . I was getting good verified urls .. but now i am getting low verified list.. my LPM is not going over 10 lpm... Recently i imported 20 new private proxies.. suggest me some tips to increase my LPM value

  • SvenSven
    I can't without seeing some of your settings. And Im no SEO expert as well...just a coder.
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    Okay @Sven. I have two Dedicated server and i am using 40 private proxies at both server. (Same proxies). Besides doing this, I have a captcha Breaker service at 1st server and at another server , i have  captcha snipper service. I am sharing with you my all settings including tire 1.. Kindly check it out and suggest me some tips in order to increase my verified urls and Lpm.


    I am sharing here my Tire 1 all settings urls.. 


    Global setting urls...

    I hope. here i can get valuable answer by you all in connection with my query. Thanks...

  • maddgsa you have PR4 and 50OBL...this is going to cause low LPM as it's quite difficult to find and successfully submit to them. Not impossible but you might get 1 out of 100 compared to 95 out of 100 if you lowered the filters (not saying you should, as you obviously want high quality T1s).

    You have your proxies unchecked. You use public ones not your private ones according to your pic.
  • Okay @judderman thanks for your suggestions. so how much value i should set for PR 4. And also tell me the value, when i set..
    PR between 2 to 6
    PR between 1 to 4
    PR between 1 to 10 ...
  • I dunno dude, usually the higher PR you go the less amount of links you get and therefore it will bring your LPM down. Don't worry too much about LPM though, I only get 20LPM and it's doing me well so far. I have fairly strict filters. I usually go PR2 and above for some tiers. Play around with it and see. If you start seeing good rankings, keep with it. If you don't see much movement then adjust and test.

    It's difficult to say as it depends on keywords, target sites etc etc
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    Dear @judderman and @Sven, can you also tell me about my global setting and proxies list setting. Where i need to changes in setting..

    2) Secondly, I am willing to know about emails. Usally. I use one email with a tire. if i am creating 5 tires of 1 project, i'll use 5 different ids.. Okay but my question is that. i don't change email ids again on my project.. Might it cause of low verified urls.? give ur suggestion. plz
  • Global settings look OK, except change to private proxies for everything. Invest in a different captcha breaker, either GSA CB or Captcha Sniper, as you will go bankrupt using DBC with SER.

    I use 5-10 emails per project. Buy hotmail accounts from BanditIM or buy a Hotmail Acc Creator and make them yourself. I've just tested all of my email accounts and many are banned now from a few months of using SER, so you need to have a very regular supply of email accounts. It will definitely cause a low verified rate if you have blacklisted or failed emails. It's wasting SER resources and slowing your projects down.
  • Thanks dear @judderMan. One thing more. How can i check blacklisted email id of my project. If it's block.
  • Within each project, click Email Verification. On the right-hand side you will see blacklist check and failed check. Run those once you've added your emails. They will be tested then you can delete the bad/failed ones.
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    I check by blacklist option. I checked my old email of project. it showed " 1/1 are blacklisted " but after changing email in place of old email, it showed " 0/1 are blacklisted" . It means my new email is accepting...
  • Yep, that's right your new email is OK now.

    But! Buy some more email accounts. It's about $5 for 1000 hotmail accs. You will need them.
  • Okay dear@ judderMan . Thanks for suggesting. :x
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