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How to use multiple article "types"

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I am having a little problem with articles.

Here is the scenario:  
I want to submit articles to article directories & social networks.But the thing is that for art. directories I don't use links in the body ( only in the "about me" section ) and for social networks I insert links in the body.In the GSA I can insert only one type of article, right ? 
So what should I do, how to add articles with+without links in the body ?

I hope it wasn't too confusing


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    edited October 2012
    You can't separate the articles based on platform as far as I know. Easiest way would be to duplicate the project and setup 1 project for social networks and 1 project for article directories. That way you can setup your articles the way you need depending on each project.

    Project 1 - Article directories (links in about me)
    Project 1 duplicate - Social Networks (links in the body)
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    That's what I am doing. 
     Thought there was an easier way. 

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