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Youtube Videos Dissapeard After Blast with GSA

I just blast a few videos and even done some tier link building, however for some of the top keywords the video just dissapeard but I typed one keyword and it is showing it there. So has the video went into a Google Dance? 


  • edited October 2013
    Same thing happend to me

    One video is still ranking strong though
  • So looks like blasting videos is no longer seems to work since all the updates
  • Well I used the same method on all of the videos and one is still ranking.. in fact I'm starting to get some impressions again but it's not from my main kws.

    Maybe its just dancing or something wrong with the new update?

    Where do you get your views?
  • I am getting most of the views through youtube, since all the videos are ranked on the 1st page of youtube
  • Yeah but what kind of views did you use before getting on 1st page?
  • enhance views
  • and some fiverr views
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