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Gscraper + GSA footprints gives me tons of sites on different engines. What am I doing wrong?

So I read you should use an external scraper to find target sites for GSA.
I got my hands on a huge list of generic keywords, I imported them into gscraper keyword list with quotation marks, and added the GSA "Adult video" footprints in quotation marks.

As a result I got a list of some target sites and tons of sites that are not running on the supported engines...

What am I doing wrong? Should I use different footprints? Any help would be much apreciated.



  • @donantonio - check those results you get and just change footprints to more specific.
  • SvenSven
    Well check the site manually and if it is actually a supported engine, else provide links to check if the engine has to be updated to support it or a new once can be created. But please check manually if that site actually allows you to place a link
  • make sure to delete duplicate url and domaine if necessary and make your own list, and the platform who you chose "social media | articles | directory ...." it must know by Gsa ser and what king of the link you use for post your link.
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