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Hello what is a T1A?

There is T1 Links but what are T1A links? 



  • It's all the "junk" links e.g. blog comments, profiles, guest books, etc etc.  Typically all the non contextual stuff
  • ronron
    I take full responsibility for giving it that name. People here were constantly saying T1 when they were referring to junk tiers. So they needed a new name.

    The other thing is that you don't want to waste more valuable contextual links being built to junk links. The only way to get the tier model to work right is to have contextual tiers only building to contextual tiers (or the moneysite), and have junk tiers come in from the side (visually it is easier to remember the diagram that way).  
  • so basically the T1 links will be all high pr and the  T1A all junk links?

  • ronron

    That's the latest thinking on T1. However, that is the thinking on how to escape the next update. Higher PR might help on T1 (I am referring to domain PR on articles, wikis, etc.). I have not seen proof that this will help you escape updates on a churn and burn model. But it makes sense to try.

    Of course, you still can blast the entire kitchen sink at your site in one tier for the outright churn and burn. This method is alive and well, and can last until the next update.

    Test, test, test.

    I am treating my serious sites like a company's website, which is very safely. For my others, I am testing both churn and burn methods above. 

  • so what are you exactly doing to the churn and burn methods just blasting them directly with links?

    Also what anchor text have you been using since the update
  • ronron
    Just contextual PR2+ tiers on one side, and then the kitchen sink all in one tier on the other side. Just screwing around a bit, but also trying to prove something to myself. I'm significantly cutting down on primary keyword anchors, and maximizing brand and url anchors. 
  • Alright thanks ron

    Also what to ask you something, on your diagram T1A, T2A, T3A will those links just be blasted without any filters? Not talking about churn and burn but when setting up the campaign. so if  T1 is 10, T2x10, T3x100

    T1A, T2, T3 blasts?

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