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Wordpress blog ( deleted

today I noticed that may many years old free wordpress blog with hundreds of quality articles has been deleted

I had quiet many high SERPS in top 10 or top 20 even without any SEO at all except default SEO = a dozen high quality social bookmarks, 1-2 reblogs a link on one of my FB pages plus a submit to all RSS directories = hence each post got an instant 50-100 or so BLs for past many years already, most of the RSS directories = instant BL)

all changes I made in past 3-4 weeks is to build A VERY FEW links as part of random links to certain pages or the blog main page itself

few = over the past weeks max a few hundred links
links from quality human readable articles only

may be similar could happen to others using SER to link own blog to promote own site ?



  • WP deletes blogs at will it seems from whatever triggers their can try to contact them an appeal it if its worth it to you. Tumblr does the same thing, however you can reregister a tumblr URL I believe.  No one can say for certain if it was GSA that was responsible for the deletion.  My 2.0s get deleted all the time and they have nice readable content on them.

    Sorry to hear you lost a good 2.0. 

    For others, its hard lesson learned about spending so much time on something out of your control.  Put valuable content on sites that you control not 2.0s.  Just my opinion.

  • I am retired from www and my current mini-site with 54 pages only is my own creation from a site-grave or modified domain parking

    hence I just wrapped up all approx 45k files (38GB) into 2 torrent for free global distribution

    the various social blogs I  used many years, all with hundreds of unique hand created content was meant to disappear some day when owner gone

    I really saw no other option but a possible link increase but as said VERY limited
    I had already top 10 posts there and just wanted to add a few dozen links here and there

    as you said
    all really important content belongs to your own site and blog
    I had a very successful site with high traffic blog and high traffic gallelry2 I used as some kind of photo-blog
    all else was to create some links and drive customers to my main site

    the above post was but to warn all the young ones building too many links to their various social accounts and blogs

    for me ever mind, bad and wasted time but all is planned to disappear any way

    I do have other blogs, several, all hand made, also tumblr

    with the new SER feature to maintain 20 accounts and supply unique content with the new article manager,
    I may focus a little on that topic
    I have plenty of self created unique content with matching topics with my torrents or site-grave
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