Well here's the biggest problem with SER and Captcha

Unless there is an update of the SER,whenever it is building backlinks ..the captcha does not show that it is solving any captchas nor they do pop up when it can't e.g recaptcha .
But just now there was an update and after that it was recognizing them and they were also popping up when it couldn't


  • SvenSven
    I understand nothing what you say. Please redefine the sentence or go into detail. Maybe it's a language barrier but I can't understand what you try to say.
  • Let me elaborate.

    I have both the SER and the captcha.

    Now I have bee using these for a while but there is a problem.
    Naturally whenever there is a captcha it is passed to the gsa captcha right? There in the log it shows that captcha and tells the progress.

    Well I've been running it for the last two days and not a single thing has appeared on the captcha software.
    However whenever I see an update to the gsa capthca or gsa ser and then resume the projects,the log of the capthca software is full.

  • SvenSven
    Still don't get it. You don't see any activity in the log of CB and still see the log being full when you resume the what!? Please make a screenshot.
  • Well here is that the gsa looks 98% of the time when SER is making backlinks
  • SvenSven
    Than SER is not sending captchas at all or is unable to I guess. Else you would see them in log. 
  • Why isn't it sending them? 
    Just now we had the 6.8 update and now it is sending them and also popping up the ones it can't solve.
  • SvenSven
    How should I know? It's something on your end, maybe a firewall blacking or a like as nothing in captcha processing changed.
  • Well this sucks.
    My firewall is blocked.
    Anybody have any idea?
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