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Ranking Non English Site Method?

So what´s up all, has anyone here ranked non english websites with just backlinks? Will " Title: Including keyword" + English content with country anchor text be enough to rank? Thanks


  • I mean English Title with keyword country on the title 
  • iwebseoiwebseo The Internets
    I have and it works fine. Just put the keyword in title. Also, use contextual branded keywords and you should be fine.
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    @iwebseo so you mean you have ranked for example a German site with English spun text and English "my keyword + Germany" in your anchor text?

    I.e. no use of German at all?
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    I rank non-English sites all the time. I use English content.
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    edited October 2013
    Well, since I posted that, I checked one of my old campaigns that I run as a test and forgot about, where I used German anchors and English spun text. Position 16 so not bad :)

    @Brandon do you use English for ranking completely, i.e. all content is English - what about the anchors? Spun text? Mention country name in the Anchor? etc if you can share some basics I'd appreciate it.
  • iwebseoiwebseo The Internets
    spunko2010 I ranked Bulgarian website on page one using English spun text. Mainly using the Bulgarian keyword in title + contextual brand keywords. 
  • may i ask how do you choose the website to post when you are ranking non English website ?
  • I just can't seem to break through into the higher positions for my German website. Lucky to get to page 2.

    I am using German Keywords + German anchor text. I'll try adding the KW to the title. Although the population of Germany is slightly more than where I normally target (UK) I just can't see why it's so much more difficult.
  • are you sending to what search engines spunko? 

    Also is hosting the domains on the local countrys importante or not?
  • I am hosting it on a German server and with .De domain...

    I am using the same search engines that I use for my english ones, i.e most of them :)
  • just english search engines?
  • @spunko2010 - I`ve the same story as you. Sitting on the 2nd page and not moving up. My guess is that for local markets we have to have local sites (eg. .de domains) linking to our money page.

    Not sure how is it in germany, but in my niche only top 3 serp results can get any customers, so being on page 2 is the same as being on page 202. 

    spunko2010, did you have better success with regional sites in the past ? 
  • affect the IP, the ranks from a site?

    for example .com on a German IP site is build for the U.S. Market

    or is it better to switch to an US IP/Provider?

    thx for any answer that clear my question.

  • does IP really maters? 

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