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Best Practices for Ranking Foreign Sites with SER?

edited October 2013 in Need Help
I'm active in the Dutch market. I prepared all my spun content in Dutch (the Netherlands) and now SER is submitting...

I see the fast majority of sites it's submitting to are not Dutch though, they are English. And I selected check by Country->the Netherlands in the project options. So I was hoping SER would honor the language I want to build backlinks in, but so far it looks like this is not happening.

Is there a way to enforce this? For example let SER only submit to sites with the Dutch TLD (.nl), or another way to make sure the sites submitted to are in the targeted language?

I don't mind submission to some English websites, but to look natural I'd really prefer to also have a good amount of submissions to websites using the targeted language.


  • Can someone please comment? I'd really like to get some better insight into this. Anyone else doing foreign SEO have experience with this?
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