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Status Active (P)

edited August 2012 in Need Help
Maybe silly question, but how to keep that "Active (P)" status after making an update?

Well for example i´m setting "paused project after" xx "submissions reached a day". After the submission max. reached it stopped and went to status "Active (P)". But if i´m running an update or restart the software its goes back to "Active" and the submissions start again til reached max.

What to do that this isnt happend?


  • SvenSven
    This should not happen as the program will calculate the reached submissions a day and realize it has to go to pause before any submission is done.
  • Thats why im wondering. It also didnt realize status when im stopping a projekt and restart again. I guess this also should not happens?

    right now i´ve reached on all projects the max submission status. Than i´ve pressed the stop button. All project stopped. After i´ve pressed the start button all project starts to submit again.
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