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I need to hire an expert.

I have been using GSA for about a year now, and I have gotten some great results.  But I have hit a bump in the road, and I know an expert could really take my set-up to the next level. 
I only use GSA for one website, and it's a 5 year old domain with about 50K back links pointed at it.  it has a few first page rankings, but I never get much more than 50 views a day. 
my set-up is GSA and CS on a VPS with 10 private proxies.  I have customer written articles all ready to go.
I just need a 3 tiered set-up done, but I really dont' have the time to dedicate to it, and I know that sometimes it's best to hire an expert
If you are interested, please PM me, and I will give you the URL, and you can suggest what you woudl want to do and we can discuss pricing :)


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