Huge Decrease in Verified Links LpM

Anyone else notice huge decrease in verified links?
Something must have changed because I use to get LpM in the +500's now I only get LpM of 10.

Dramatic decrease in Projects I use only Blog Comments, Guestbooks, Image Comments, Pingback and Trackbacks.

Is there anyway to rollback current version? I don't mean previous version that is install folder because I started noticing this since last couple updates.
Very horrible results at the moment.


  • Yes same for me. Verified links took a huge drop
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    Currently searching online for a older version installer but no luck.

    Does anybody have older version installer they can share?
    Looking for version 6.75 or older.
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    If you are running latest version of SER 6.78 try using old version of CaptchaBreaker 2.14 (in install folder) with it.

    I notice very low recognize % with CB 2.15 this can be the problem causing low Verified Links.

    With CB 2.15 - 10% recognize
    With CB 2.14 - 47% recognize

    Verified links seem much improved after doing this.
  • SvenSven
    @jpvr90 that can't be the result of low verified URLs. Captcha Breaker wa snot changed that much. Just some filter got improved in speed. Just checked my test captchas...same results a sin old version....just faster.
  • Hello @sven and other people on this forum, I want to ask one thing to you. There is no doubt about it that GSA ser is the best software, I want to rank a e-commerce website by adding project in GSA . Can any of you suggest me what strategy should be for e-commerce website and what engine i should use for this . competition is huge out there on my keywords .... 
  • SvenSven
    @Mani not related to this thread...
  • Workaround didn't work as expected.

    Still looking for SER version 6.75 or older.
    Current SER is horrible right now.

    @Sven Can you provide older version 6.75 and 6.74 please?
    I am not sure exact update version where Verified Links dropped dramatically.
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    @jpvr90 no I don't keep old versions. And I can't stand this topic any longer. If you really think there is something wrong, use the debug the log...identify your problem and I can have a look to fix it...else it's again just a personal view on this all.
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