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6.78 Import 14,000 links but SER Submits to 6160

I do most scraping outside of SER, de-dupe the lists then import into SER.  With version 6.78, I imported a list and SER tried to submit to just half of them.  Thinking something was buggy, I rebooted the server and imported a different list with over 14,000 unique domains to submit to.  SER tried submitting to 6,160 and then said no more targets or search engines selected.  Why did SER only try to submit to 6,160 sites when my list has over 14,000?


  • SvenSven
    See if some are in left target urls (right click ->show urls). This can happen if that same site was detected to be used before (scheduled posting).
  • Hi Sven.  Only 23 URLs are present in the show left target URLs.  By the way I was not using scheduled or tiered posting.
  • Any news on the numbering system issue?  I import 4649 URLs, and the says I have 4670 URLs but only appears to submit to just over 800 hundred of them.  All Pligg bookmark sites used with no search engines ticked - just external scraped list imported.



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