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Fastest Way To Build Relevant Niche Targeted List

nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at

I have been trying to build niche relevant list.Also checked s4ntos youtube channel and Ozz and Take2 posts regarding to this.

This is what i tried to do :

I tried to do with GSA SER alone...

Advanced > Tools > Scrape URL > Added Platforms (Articles + Social Bookmarks ) > Added Keywords  ( I tried to add 1000 related keywords and Software stuck so added 5 keywords :( ) and started to scraped .. after 24H i could build 1500 identified list.

But i know thats really slow .I use 4GB VPS my Current LPM 15 so i know i have enough resources to do this...

Also i tried with Scrapebox ...

Again I scraped GSA platforms and Merged with 1000s of relevant keywords yes it again Crashed!  So i again merged platforms with 10keywords :(
Then harvest with public 30 Proxies ...after 2Hour i endup with 20000 list (2k) after Remove Duplicate URL it decresed to 5000 :(

Basically i have 3 question to ask..

When we need a massive list how do you plan enoguh keywords . Is it really lower than 10 keywords ? (to merge with platforms) ?

And How many Public Proxies we need..(if need i can attach private 10 proxies will they ok with a massive list )

And Whats the fastest ...SB harvesting or Doing it alone with GSA SER ..

Please guys help me ...Im looking a relevant List for My Tier 1 campaign :)


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