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Captcha Breaker Only 10% success rate with senuke after recent 2.15update

I had this problem  before as well.
After recent update to 2.15  Captcha Breaker get Only 10% success rate with senuke .
Before the update it was about 85%
I have NOT did any  changes to config.
Any idea?
Thank you.


  • SvenSven
    I guess you turned recaptcha solving on. that however has a low success rate and will bring whole statistics down.
  • what do you mean   turned recaptcha solving on ?
    nothing have changed it's simply don't have any success rate.

  • SvenSven
    paste a screenshot of CaptchaBreaker during progress + options.
  • SvenSven
    What program do you use with CB ? It seems to me it is some kind of image-reencoding program. 
  • i use only senuke xcr
  • SvenSven
    And that without using the webserver? Does SENuke support CB now by api?
  • edited October 2013
    I did try to use the webserver and got the same result.
    yes senuke support CB when setup  just like captcha sniper.

  • SvenSven

    Glad to hear that. But the problem with SENuke is still that they reencode the captchas all to jpg. That destroys soo many thing. I wonder why they do it.

    Anyway from your log can you save some of the captchas and send them to me? I will have a deeper look why the detection is sometimes wrong.

  • Please explain how i can send it to you?
  • SvenSven
    Either turn on the save of captchas in options or right click on each captcha in log ->save.
  • Here is the unsolved captchas  
    Please help i don't get CB to work at all
    Thank you.


  • SvenSven
    Most of that is recaptcha and some wrongly detected captchas. However 2.18 improves detection rate but on recaptcha is can't do much.
  • edited October 2013
    i use the 2.8 what do you mean by recaptcha 
    i don't understand when i had the 5 day  try it was ok but now it don't work any more. 
    setting is as always - so what to do ??
    All the Cap  that are solved is only because it use capt service like  death by captcha 
    if it's not enable then there is no success at all with CB.
     i feel  like a full - if it's the case why do i need CB? 
    i do all ready pay for death by captcha 
  • SvenSven
    I don't understand really. Are your captcha types actually checked and did you change settings? Things like "worked in trial and not now" is not logical.
  • edited October 2013
    I just install CB 2.8 and never change settings it's the default settings.
    i have no idea what this is  "" "worked in trial and not now" i."""
    i'm not on a trial i have the registered virgen
  • SvenSven

    I see you changed settings like the "Only try to solve...". You should have that checked and settings put to 20%. That will save you a lot processing time and also keep the false detection low.

    But beside that I don't see any wrong settings. Though you need to keep in mind that your program is reencoding the images and that makes it harder for CB to detect the right type.

    As you are a customer of that SENuke, why not asking them to stop this re-encoding? I don't see a use in it as all images are jpg or png or gif and reencoding lowers the quality + makes the size not that much smaller and probably wastes resources. At least I don't see the point here.

  • Will  GSA Search Engine Ranker work better with CB? 
    better then senuke?
    this is a 100 euro program so i need to be sure.
  • SvenSven
    You got a demo version. Just try it. Or see several forum threads here and elsewhere where most people count on CB as being the best solver available.
  • CB may be the best solver available but it is not working with senuke 
    also i have install the try demo but never got the time to try it so my 5 days are over 
    any chance to re try it?
    i love your support  forum here it is fast 
    Thank you. 

  • SvenSven

    Once the trial is over, there is no way back.

    SENuke works as good as any other software. Just that the captchas you see with SENuke are naturally more Recaptchas than anything else. That makes it a lower success rate than with other software that support a more diverse platform list.

  • edited November 2013
    I'm not sure the problem is Senuke related.
    I use CB 2.25 with GSA SER and Indexer.
    I turned CB webserver and "Send captcha to the following service..." off.
    I set GSA SER's Captcha settings like 1st: CB with 3 retry, 2nd: DBC.
    ( I wanted to allow CB to try to solve captchas, if it's not able to do, then SER has to try with DBC. I guess it's cost effective )
    I found that my rate is around 30% BUT a lot of capchas are marked by CB as "recognized" but checking the specific captcha and the "recognized as" text I see that they recognized incorrectly.
    The similar can be seen on Ishula's screenshot of 10th Oct, pls. check recognized as text of "well recognized" captchas !
    If this is true then effective recognition rate % is much worse than shown and I also waste processing time since the captcha is thought to be recognized wouldn't be passed to 2nd priority DBC and the process which required the captcha will not be finished successfully.
  • edited November 2013
    i have to say .. i ran a few tests .. and see it the same as @vanetreg the real solve rate is much lower.. i run all through my own plattform and there are captchas with broken images which i kick immediatly but also cb seems to recognize many wrong and so in my tests the real solve rate is ~ 20% .. the program is great ! and i use it every day and cannot do without that for sure ! but the real rate is a way more down than the theoretical ,)
  • SvenSven
    You can not put "success rate" = "recognize rate". Of course there are some false positives, the program is after all just a program and can not know if it's solution is 100% correct. However the success rates next to the captcha type are the real success rates when I was testing the program against a larger set of captchas. So you can trust that. But yes, if SENuke re-encodes them, the quality is less (jpg image type) and some captchas using e.g. the hash method might not get things right.
  • edited November 2013
    what a CB user is interested in is the real success rate. And a program could know whether its recognition was successful or not, checking the success...
    I estimate those false positives to 70-80% of all of my "recognized" captchas !
    And some of these false positives are unbelievably wrong...
    It would be great if we could modify settings to decrease false positives.
    I would prefer false negatives instead of these amount of false positives, since I use a 2nd service of DBC.
  • SvenSven

    There is no real success rate to be known by the software. HOW CAN IT KNOW IT!? It's impossible. And I guess you are talking about recaptcha here. Just disable that captcha type or all with a lower success rate in options. Thats what all do and you should also do. You reduce the false positive. And a false negative is a success one btw.

  • False negative for me is when CB could solve the captcha but under a threshold probability it says instead it can not solve it.
    But that is not too important because your idea solves or reduces our problem considerably, so
  • yeah as said i am absolut happy with the solving rate too and it's kinda just normal that "success rate" != "recognize rate" .. but it may be tuned a bit more @Sven ? i.e i see there are some broken images coming through that could be droped before cb tries to solve them .. just a question / suggestion i am pretty happy with cb and for recaptcha i use sv
  • SvenSven
    @KayKay you got some samples?
  • edited November 2013
    .. @Sven .. sorry for the post about broken images ... i work together with a partner who set the captcha sytem up .. he told me since a long while (> 1 monath) after a CB update that was fixed ,)
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