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Pop up Box confirming form Submission

I am scripting my own engine and when I submit the form manually it pops a box that says "Are You Sure You Want to Submit This Form Now?"

How would I handle pressing "Yes" to that in a dialog box?



  • SvenSven

    No idea without seening it. Usually it's another Form where you have to press the Yes button only.


    form name=*yes

  • Use Firebug, HTTPFox or a similar browser addon, then submit the form and click the box. You'll see exactly what information you need to send.
  • @sven @cherub

    it's a modal dialog... popped up from onSubmit function of the form... I can't view the source of that dialog because it's dialog box.

    when I inspect what's returned in Firebug, I see an xml of values, but have no way of knowing what the value returned is as it just has a field like:

    <![CDATA[field name]]

    Any suggestions?
  • SvenSven
    use Wireshark to spy on the actual traffic sent.
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