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columnspinfile macros improvement (CSV files)

edited October 2013 in Bugs
I want use this macros not only for simple data but for articles too. It simply will allow you hold all article data in 1 file. But this macro doesn;t work as for typical CSV file. Standart CSV file looks like "column1","column2","column3".

If you insert something which contain comma in the column which is typical for article text. some commas may take place in the article . you'll get incorrect parsing which is broken on first comma. and it parses with '' ". for example for column "hello, this text from 1st colum" output will be "hello . so it can be used for articles right now.
please, improve this function for correct parsing of stansart CSV files like excel and libreoffice do, with "" and commas inside columns.


  • SvenSven
    next version will detect if it's a csv file.
  • ser still read csv files incorrectly. it reads linebreaks inside " " as new lines. impossible to use this macros for articlebody .
    here is screenshot of libreoffice calc that reads my example correctly

    and here is test from ser.
    it takes text before 1st linebreak in the cell.
  • SvenSven

    Common that would require the software to parse the whole file. Thats not working and would make the macro useless.

    You can however use \n as line breaks in the file. They get converted.

  • will it conver \n in process of submision. don't see it convers from preview window. it shows \n in mixed text. from example in preview:
    Some principles of organization are pretty self-explanatory, like the principles of supply and demand. Some aspects of business, like industry identification, for example, could be very difficult to understand. Pay attention to this article, if you want to know how to make article marketing work for you in order that you can increase the size of one's business. \n\nPick a topic for your article that focuses on how you can help people. Answering concerns, wanting to solve dilemmas or writing a 'how-to' about anything, can show others that you are experienced in your industry.
  • SvenSven
    it will on submission, next version also on TEST.
  • edited October 2013
    it should be great to exclude 1 line of csv file from using of ser. reserve it for column headers. need column headers (1line) for some files because they contains rather intricate data. for a while i have other file which explains columns that in the csv file for ser. stupidly, but not the other way
  • SvenSven
    I would prefer you to edit the file and remove the header please, else more parsing and checks are required which only costs resources.
  • Looks like it trash csc formatting again. I have tab separated file & it don't see tabs. Try with file uploaded here --> . it put 1 keyword right after title. So for the 2 line it is 
    The Damaging Side Of Payday Loans    lot
    Looks good in libre office but ser can't configure it properly.

  • Tested file with commas as separator & it work. Please make it good to parse tab separated text. this is one of the most popular format for such files. clean & simple.
  • SvenSven
    tab was never supported here but it will be in next version.
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