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Keyword quantity vs quality

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Is it important to use keywords that are related to your site or more important to just use as many unrelated keywords as possible. .is quantity better than quality?
I don't really care where the backlinks are produced, but I'm curious if the search engines prefer backlinks on related sites when they are deciding what rank to give you in search results......

I found a huge list of totally unrelated long keywords on the net that someone scraped and shared. Should I just pop that one in and not worry about keywords for a while?


  • This is an ongoing discussion amongst even the most highly regarded internet marketers - one camp says "a link is a link", the other says "niche-related links are more valuable". I lean toward side #1. I am not convinced that Google (or Bing/Yahoo/etc) is smart enough to figure out if a link is niche-related (and keep track of it).

    You will have to make your own decisions on this one. One way I have seen suggested is to use niche keywords for your main site pages and generic keywords for any tier1 & tier2 links you build.
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    what is the max number of key words that can be entered into a GSA project before it blows up?
    (Total characters, or keyword text file max size in mb, or total words, etc) Any limitations, like a million, lol ?

    Oh and thanks David for such an excellent response to my previous question!
  • SvenSven
    I added a warning in last version if the amount of keywords goes over 10MB of used memory. I personally think even that is to much.
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