New Prj Maker Helps with Project Management-Solves Email Issues

Hi everyone.  I have combed this forum for over a year now and have been helped in so many ways.  I see a recent problem with outlook emails and overall project management.  Today I have a resolution that will help everyone with the overall usage of GSA. 

  • Setup hundreds of projects easily and effortlessly in seconds
  • Speed up submissions by setting up projects and emails on a 1 to 1 ratio (no more pulling from pools)
  • Setup projects once and no need to ever config settings in GSA (just configure and hit start)
  • Prepare content and put info in the correct filepath (configure once and hit start)
  • Change out info and emails (if needed) in a few minutes
I know, I know get to the details----WATCH THIS VIDEO TO SEE SCRIPT IN ACTION

I figured there would be lots of questions so I made Supplemental Prj Vid and Prj Maker-Practical Use

I will give away 3 copies with 5 emails to test.  You can get that here.

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