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Get more links per URL without increasing the amount of backlinks from lower Tiers

grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
edited October 2013 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
Hi guys, today I was playing with serengines and web 2.0. I have a 'first line' of 100 web 2.0 that I need to get indexed, so I set tier 2 campaigns - also web 2.0 and when I was getting to ~ 1000 blogs in web 2.0 in 2nd tier I figured out that it's possible to get more backlinks for tier 1 with the same number of links in tier 2.


This is screen from Tier 2 campaign. I simply removed all the default random urls and pasted my list of verified links from 1st tier - 100 web 2.0. So now every post from every blog that I create in tier 2 is a backlink not for 1 one of 100 but for 4-5 of them. I know, 3-4 of links have totally random anchors, but a lot of people claim everything goes in lower tiers so what would be the reason to not include this method ? Normally when you create 100 backlinks and want 10x backlinks in tier 2 for each of those 100 you have 1000 tier 2 links at the end. But when when you set 3 random urls for random words (and paste your tier 1 in folder with list of random urls) and have 1000 backlinks at the end of the project, however every link from 100 have not 10 but 30 backlinks. What do you guys think about this ? Sorry if it''s 'same old shit' and everyone already knows it, but I haven't seen anything like this on forum and thought it would be nice to know what others gsa users can say about it .


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