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Ranking website same day as registration

Has anyone ever tried this? I've just switched my domain to a better one that is brand new, set up DNS etc and its ready to go. Just not sure if it will be a bit suspect. The homepage is indexed with Google, no other pages are yet. Should I wait? Or will there be some sort of distorted boost do you think as it's brand new and getting loads of links already?!


  • I actually tested this theory on a domain that has ended up being pretty worthless as something to rank for (changes to affiliate programme I was going to use...). I can't say it's had much benefit either way. It entered in about page 2 and isn't really shifting. Can't say it's done any harm, but no real benefit so far.
  • I know 1 ppl who got a manual ban by G for links on new domain
    myself I got "manual ban" by G for links on OLD domain with lots of existing BL

    to me it looks G very sensitive these months on anything professional and efficient
    and very policing and bullying toward site owners US method of punishment unless you do what G wants you to do .... funny and ill methods

    I had until closure of  my full size site (may 2012) some 53'000+ natural BLs
    I killed BLs down to some 23-24k and traffic from 25-30k uv/d to some 6k by putting all on domain parking without any content = G said nothing for too fast BL "removal" :)

    then after months I placed domain on modified domain parking with some 60 pages (vs some 40+k pages before) and did SOME very moderate article distribution linking to still remaining important pages = resulting in manual G ban some 2+ months ago ((has nothing to do with SER)

    by the time G issued the "manual ban" I barely had some 2000+ BLs added with quality article distribution to quality sites

    as to new sites
    just do as with new gf
    slowly slowly
    G very sensitive and ill -acting now these months compared to years ago

    there is another thread here these days from ppl who apparently got banned as well
    my "manual ban" by G was announced by G in webmaster tools > messages

    my generic traffic NOW with  "manual ban" still active is higher than before ban WITHOUT G traffic but with increased direct traffic from distributed human readable value content and additional NON-G SE traffic

    there is a world without or beyond G
    there are hundreds of millions of users surfing OTHER than G
    just look at the still amazing number of stumbleupon traffic ...
    or the one billion FB users (Bing SE)
    or the 3+ billion Asians using some other SE as well at least partially

  • Interesting findings hans51. I have to say I'd never attempt it on a domain that I actually cared about the long term future of. Probably just been lucky with this one then!
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