Number of running threads suddenly drops down and then rises again.

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I created a campaign with Social Bookmark, Social Network, Article and Micro Blog - all in one project. I imported a list of ~ 550k url - made of smaller lists with footprints from platforms that I mentioned above. Search Engines are disabled. HTML timeout 120. I use 10 private, working proxies. For captchas I use CB, 1 retry. No pr, obl filters. Also use urls from global site lists - submitted and verified as well. I created 13 fresh hotmails specially for this campaign with spam filter disabled. All filters that could slow down my projects are disabled. I use spinned content only. 1-2 random urls for random words and 1-2 random images are enabled. The problem is - ser runs on 100 threads(as in settings) for a few minutes and then it slows down to just a few 3-10 and again, number of threads increase to ~100 and slows down. Maybe it's totally normal and I shouldn't even ask this question. However I need to get a lot of links in tier 2,3 and it's hard to achieve when the program suddenly drops down to even 1 thread - and it keeps up on 1 thread for a few good minutes.


  • SvenSven
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    Can't say anything to this without a log at least.
  • grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
    I did 6k submissions and disabled verifications and then I selected Status - Active verify only. 300 threads, 120 html timeout, gsa verifies it very fast and suddenly it drops down to 1-20 threads - very low. I sent you log on pm @Sven from the time when I did verifications only. I don't know which details should I also add, please tell me what you also need to find the cause of this.
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