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Captcha answer failed - Not sure why

edited October 2012 in Need Help

I just tried GSA for the first time today. I have used SENuke and currently use Magic submitter. The only issue I have run into so far with GSA is I'm getting "Captcha answer failed". Although when I check my Death by Captcha account, none failed. I have confirmed it is setup correctly in the software and I'm able to verify my balance.

Any suggestions?


  • The first obvious question (sorry for asking!) is that you have DBC set up as your #1 captcha solving service (box checked, login filled in, click on "Test" to make sure it is working) in the main SER Captcha Options area.

    And then, in your project "Options" area, you have it set to have the 1st service solve for captchas.
  • Hi David,

    Thanks for the response. I do have it set up as the first service. I don't have a secondary setup as of yet. For now it's off. It does pass the test as well.

    DBC reports that it went through 240+ captchas with no failures so I'm assuming the API portion is working.

    In the project page, it is set to the 1st. It is successfully building links. 64 verified so far. I was thinking that since it burned through 240 some chapthas it should have far more links

    I'm out of town and trying it on my laptop. Tomorrow when I get to my office I will try it from my desktop and see if it works or not. Thanks for the response.

    I'm a newb. ;)
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