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Getting too few social network links nowadays

3 months ago I was getting nearly 1000 socialnetwork links, but now i cant even reach 100.

Settings are the same, i just duplicate my projects and erase history of urls.

I even install gsa from scratch in my server and setup a new project from 0 (same lits verified) and getting the same results.

So, can anyone help me to fix this?


  • donchinodonchino
    edited October 2013
    I have noticed the same - very few social network links. For example no NING engine links anymore, it used to submit a lot some time ago, has anything happened to this particular engine?
  • Thanks for answering, i knew it was not normal that huge diference between 1 month and the next.

    I have also realized I am getting many duplicated post from same domain having unchecked the option to do that.
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