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Recall Last URLs Indexed Before Shutdown

edited October 2012 in Need Help
I had SEO Indexer doing it's job while I was sleeping last night, along with a few other automation programs. When I woke, I noticed that Indexer was shutdown along with a few other applications I had running, due to low memory, which is completely fine. I restart my cpu and run SEO Indexer again and the list or URLs that were running are gone.

I was wondering if the indexer program has the ability to recall the URLs that were once in it, before shutdown OR if it had some sort of backup feature? If not, maybe that could be a future update.......


  • I have experienced this same thing a couple times. It has also happened to me when I installed an update. I think it is just a minor "glitch". I am sure Sven has bigger things to worry about. If he can find the problem some time, it would be nice, but it is not really a big deal to have a few (hundred?) links that don't get run through the indexer.
  • Why would it not be a big deal David? I'm not worried about it too much, but this glitch is fairly important. Links and pages aren't worth sh*t unless their indexed and that's why we purchased SEO indexer. Yeah...having a few hundred (I don't think I had that many in there) pages lost IS a big deal.

    Sure, it might get pinged or indexed by the SEs by just waiting it out for a few weeks, but if we all had that attitude, then we'd have a TON of pages not indexed and no use for indexer services and programs. Kinda defeats the point right?

    BTW, from my personal experience, Sven has treated every single bug with SER and Indexer as top priority. All of my bug reports have been updated and resolved, regardless if whether it seems small or not.
  • My point was that it is something that happens VERY rarely. So, in the overall scheme, it does not affect too much. Sure, if it's a bug, it should be fixed. But, if it's a minor bug, it may be further down the list.
  • SvenSven
    next version will save the queue periodically and not only when quiting the program. So it will ask to reload the list if it was shut down.
  • thank you Sven.....I KNEW you would come through like always! I see it's already updated.
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