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۞MOST COMPLETE GSA Keyword Scraping List۞ • 10+ Major Languages • CREATE Your Own GSA Site Lists◄



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    Got the list and already putting it to good use. Thanks!
  • What's the difference between 30 days free update period and lifetime free update period?
  • "What's the difference between 30 days free update period and lifetime free update period?"

    Would love to know this too, btw how many foreign language are there now?
  • @abdreig03 @shadir41
    Purchasing the lifetime one gives you eligibility to have free updates forever. The 30 day one only covers 30 days.
  • and the updates consist in adding new keywords?
  • and another question: are your footprints better than the default ser ones?
  • @andreig03
    Yup, you will receive updated and new keyword lists whenever there is one available.

    As for your second question - yes, I personally scraped and discovered a few extra footprints for certain platforms. Can't remember which, though.
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    FuryKyle There is a small problem with the article footprints, when you copy something to excel that contains double quotes (") they will disappear, check out your article footprints, none of them have " at the beginning. Copy "text1" "text2" in excel, you'll see the quotes from text1 disappeared. the same thing happened with the footprints.

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    Sorry, but I don't quite understand your problem. What are you trying to achieve in Excel? Why are you trying to paste stuff into Excel?
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  • steved333steved333 Raleigh, NC

    Thank you for your purchase Steve. 
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  • Hi FuryKyle I received your updated list months ago. I noticed something with the English keyword list. All keywords have an empty space in front of them. Is this normal and why is this so?
  • @spiritfly
    Must be some parsing error. Just replace it with a simple text editing tool if you don't want the extra spaces there. I'll fix it on the next update.
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    Many thanks
  • Received, thanks!
  • A good Drupal scrape

  • demorgan87demorgan87 Jakarta
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    Get fresh, working platforms daily with these lists
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    Does it come with instructions on how to use the software?
  • @vassmar
    Yes, it does. I've compiled everything I know in one nicely laid out pdf file.
  • All orders processed today.
  • Lists sent out today.
  • Kyle,

    I never had the chance to download that last updated list. I asked you on your email to re-upload the list, but you didn't reply for some time now.

    Can you please upload that list as soon as you can? I need it urgently for something.

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