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SER Freezes

@sven In last 2 days when I open SER it works as usual, but afterwards it minimizes (goes down to windows footer menu). Afterwards I am unable to maximize it and use as normal. When I move mouse on it, it shows up like preview screen but distorted and only while I hold cursor on the icon
(see screenshot - )

If i restart the programme everything is fine for some time, unless I open any kind of any other programme browser, etc.

I have last update, but this issue was already before it.

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    I have such every now and then (mostly before

    SER sucks all your resources until your system becomes unresponsive or too slow to change windows quickly
    it may take minutes to change from one window display to another


    1. monitor your CPU usage and memory
    2. disable any other app unless really and absolutely necessary
    3. remove / uncheck in SER any feature that consumes resources unless you really NEED
    4. and finally reduce threads to a level your system can handle
    5. avoid any additional use of PC during SER operation
    6. avoid any work on solving / improving CB captcha while SER running
    7. for any special operation such as proxy-tests, import targets, etc I stop SER (importing targets consumes on my system approx 20-25% additional CPU leaving the system with 22 threads almost permanently at 99% CPU and thus near a freeze up. improving/solving/editing captcha on CB may consume almost 100% of all resources for up to several minutes = only done on stopped SER
    8 if you use SB for any activity to support SER do it only on stopped or reduced SER
    9 avoid surfing / browser or any other system work

    if windows ask to stop or wait
    opt for wait else you may lose running data
    after 1 or several minutes finally display correct again

    for me that may be as little as 22-33 threads with one acer aspire one fully dedicated only for SER/CB

    I noticed

    the more successful my target list is, the more resources SER consumes for successful submission
    = the lower the thread numbers need to be to remain below 99% CPU or freeze up

    another solution of course would be to give a faster PC with more fast RAM if you have a choice
    it is 99% sure only a resource problem


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