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Off Topic - Sape/Ghost Rank Takedown

Has anyone heard much about this? Supposedly Google nailed them good. So glad I stayed away from it. 


  • in which niche do you see any changes ?

  • Google will have a very very hard time to penalize sape on a continous basis. Especially considering the fact that Yandex tries to stay ahead of sape for over 6 years without showable success.

    It's true that Google recently sent out a lot of unnatural link messages for certain sape link profiles and continues to do so. But it by far not the end of sape, only the approach changes.

    You have to have some really reliable filters in place to stay ahead of the curve and you have know what links and metrics to look for if you want to stay under the radar for long-term projects. Having said that, you can still go balls to the wall with sape links without too much filtering for heavy churn & burn projects.

    If you use those links you need to know how to utitilize them properly, otherwise you will just loose money. But that goes for any kind of link building really. 

  • @mmtj - can you give any advice how to use sape properly?
  • That would be too extensive, and as most of it is in russian, I don't have the time or nerve to translate it properly, sorry. 
  • And then there's .cn networks.... Will exchange my russian skillz for someone who can read and write Chinese.
  • @mmtj no need for long clarifications or translations. Would it be better for new project to increase the number of those links step by step or buy 10 - 500 at once (for churn and burn project) ?
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