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[script] CumulusClips

cherubcherub UK
edited September 2014 in New Engines/Platforms
Here's a little script I whipped up for submitting profile links to CumulusClips powered sites. After making it I then found out that I couldn't find a great number of sites to submit to, but there are much better scrapers out there than me, and I've tried to add as many footprints as I could spot. YMMV.  Also, some sites seem to add a captcha to the signup form via javascript, but I haven't been able to look into this much. Most of the others are captcha free. You'll need email accounts to verify signups, and here is a link to an icon if you wish to use one:

-script below, save as CumulusClips.ini and copy to your Engines directory-


  • SvenSven
    thanks, have fixed minor things but almost nothing to fix here....congrats. Will add it to the next update.
  • Welcome, will be interesting to see what you've changed
  • @Sven

    Can you explain why you removed these portions from the script?

    extract from email=email_link

    find url=*activate*

  • SvenSven
    Because it does that automatically just by having "verify by=email". If you have this [email_link] than you have to use it somewhere which you don't.
  • cool, thanks

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