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how do GSA import links to post to?

Hey, I am running some projects without searching and only posting to already verified links.
I was wondering how to optimize the posting speed for new projects using verified site lists only?

How do GSA import these links?

My verified site list contains around 500k links on ALL platforms.

If I run a project using verified links and ONLY plone (under social network) will it import other platforms as well and try to submit to them but then skip them?
Such as trackbacks, wiki's, social bookmarks etc.

Or will it import social network links from the verified sites only and then go through the list, try to submit to the other platforms (elgg, jcow, dolphin etc.) and then skip all but plone?

Or will GSA do the best for speed purpose and only import plone sites from the verified list?


  • I am simply wondering how it imports the links so I can build my new churn and burn/blast projects the best possibly way for LPM.
    Without running searches...

    If GSA will run through my whole verified list and then try each link to end up only posting to 1 chosen platform it will waste a lot of resources.

    So if it import them this way I should use ALL platforms to speed it up...

    I know I am not the best explainer in the world, so if this sounds too confusing please ask for clarification :).
  • I haven't done it the way you describe, so this is an educated guess based on what I know about SER and I'm sure @Sven will correct me if I'm wrong, but I think if you import the entire list it will post to the plone sites and it will identify the other sites and stick them in the identified sites list.

  • SvenSven
    correct ;)
  • So it will use resources to identify the sites and therefore I should use all platforms if using verified site lists to increase LPM, right?
  • SvenSven
  • @Sven what did you change about importing URL's with the newest update?
  • SvenSven
    it will correctly find the detail url e.g. for reverified tier projects.
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