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[HELP] My LpM didn't increase at all!

Hi members, I'm new here. I already read some of threads at this forum for a while now to learn some right setup at GSA SER.

I want to ask some questions:

1. How can I increase my LpM? I have 100 threads, 10 private proxies from, buy and blast to private lists from @donaldbeck, VPS with 2 cores and 1 GB RAM (I only run GSA SER on it right now), but why my LpM just stick on 2.77 ??? How can I increase it?

2. What I have to setup on SB, for example the footprints, if I want to scrape only dofollow links? And how can I save it and import it on GSA SER for later use? Do I need just save it as .txt file?

3. Anyone of you ever tried to rank YT vids with GSA SER? How can I set up the setting on it?

I'm sorry for my poor English, its not my primary language here. And thanks for help a noob like me.

thanks a lot


  • well, apparently all newcomers love to start their first thread on lpm.

    Take responsibility and spend time looking around for threads which other have posted as power users have given tips to improve lpm. It is tiring for when almost every week there will be someone creating a new thread asking why his lpm is low and whining about it. do not expect to be spoonfeed, the search button is your best friend
  • can you give me a link to lpm thread?
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