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I mainly would use this tool for my clients.  My concern is if I used a profile for one client and then in the future decided to reuse the accounts that the software well post over the profile information that was created rather than just added a new post/bookmark/article entry.  I am believing this to be the case is there anyway to overcome this as I don't want to send out a project that has links to profile pages only days later for it to be changed.  THANKS ANYONE


  • It will only overwrite profile data if u select it to reuse accounts in each project. If u don't reuse accounts it will create new ones. Simple :)
  • I understand that.  This basically means one and done for every project created.  I am just trying to come up with ways to make it more economical.  Right now it is a cap monster even with captcha sniper.  I have always had more success reusing accounts rather than posting once and and disregarding them. 
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    Hmm, 'cap monster'? I have CS selected as my 1st service with 3 retries and then DBC as second with 1 retry, it costs me about $1-2 per day running projects which generate 200-500 verified links per day. I don't think a few bucks of captcha is in the 'monster' territory and even if yours is higher, do you not factor in these costs into the price you are charging clients?

    EDIT - I have just seen my CS solve settings and after 3 days constant use its solved 26k capthas! now thats money well spent in my book :)
  • hmnn; If I may take the opportunity to learn something.  maybe I am missing totally.  which plats are you using.  and what are your setting in CS. 
  • I am using Bookmarks, forum profiles, web 2, articles in the majority of cases. CS settings are as above for GSA. CS internal settings are uncheck 'hosts file redirect' and select "use captcha platform for detection"...
  • thanks for your information.  maybe I can put that to use
  • hmnn that makes a hell of lot more sense
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